Clear and Present Risk in China

There is a clear and present risk in China economy. Maintains of debt are always the last stage of any economic crisis, if we have ever learnt anything from history. Look into the details at the following link.

Coach’s dilemma is not over

There are many articles reminding people the value of Coach in investment communities recently after its stock price dropped so much so. Yes. The value of Coach brand and its ability to generate cash is obvious. In fact, I was a big fan of Coach, which was a major holding in my portfolio until early last year. Coach had maded a lot of money, so had its investors.

Is Timing the Market in Vain?

"Forming macro opinions or listening to the macro or market predictions of others is a waste of time," said Buffett as he bulleted the fundamentals of investing in his new letter. I believe Buffett is right in general, because no one, even the best economist, can predict the timing of an economic crisis. Secondary, if you chose the right company to invest, it really doesn’t matter when you invest as long as you pay the right price. In long term, a good company will prosper.

5 Habits You Didn’t Know Were Costing You

By Lisa Scherzer | The Exchange – Thu, May 9, 2013 10:30 AM EDT

Everyone has bad habits. Maybe you obsessively check Facebook while at dinner with friends, arrive late to meetings or interrupt people when they’re talking. Chances are you’re at least sometimes aware of these bad acts. But you might not realize how other habits are costing you actual money. And we’re not talking about a daily Starbucks fix. If you get pleasure out of those lattes, by all means enjoy them.

Dolby and Philips Announce Dolby 3D Format Specification for Delivering High-Quality, Glasses-Free 3D Video Content to Broad Ran

Dolby demonstrates how creative professionals can use industry-leading tools like The Foundry’s NUKE and OCULA to create Dolby 3D content

Business WirePress Release: Dolby Laboratories, Inc. – 9 hours ago

Yes. It's Dolby again. This time they are in for the 3D, which will be the future of online entertainment


Dolby Labs Gets First Tablet Win With Amazon Kindle


Editor: It's happening finally. I believed that when life get better, people will surely want better sound, no matter from what kinds of devices and Dolby is the number one choice.

While tablet makers emphasize high-definition displays to create a great video look, some say audio quality fell to the back burner.

My First Tenbagger

It was almost end of October, 2002, when I bought the book “One Up On Wall Street” and learned the term of “Tenbagger” which was created by Peter Lynch, the author of the book. I said to myself, “Woo, that’s wonderful.” And then forgot about it.

Dolby is Back

Dolby surged 17% on the news of revived Windows 8 deal with Microsoft. It doesn’t really matter whether or when such deal happens. Dolby as a matter of fact, is providing the more effective and efficient solutions than its main competitor, DTS (“Dolby vs DTS Surround Sound”). When there are more devices on the move and more contents delivered via Internet or from the cloud, efficiency, which means delivering same high quality sound with less bandwidth, matters more.

Dolby Atmos Is the Future of Entertainment Sound

New Technology Revolutionizes Cinema Industry and Entertainment Experience
Business WirePress Release: Dolby Laboratories, Inc. – 21 hours ago

CinemaCon 2012—Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE:DLB - News) today announced Dolby® Atmos, a new audio platform that will change the experience of sound in entertainment. Launching in the cinema, Dolby Atmos delivers a more natural and realistic sound-field, which transports people into the story with a lifelike, sensory experience.

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